Elettra Lamborghini interrupts concert for throwing bottle

In recent hours, the famous Italian singer Elettra Lamborghini has become the victim of an unpleasant act: a bottle was thrown at her on stage.

In recent days, moving from Cardi B to Adele, a new trend has been developing – throwing objects and liquids on stage.

However, this phenomenon also affected Elettra, who had a water bottle thrown at her while she was singing to the tune of “Pistolero”.

For this reason, Elettra decided to interrupt the long-awaited concert at the music festival in Sammichel.

However, when the music was turned off, Elettra decided not to remain silent, addressing a few words to the author of the gesture:

“You could have hurt me, were you drinking? I don’t care because if you’ve been drinking, don’t come here. Because another singer did something to her and now she had to cancel the whole tour. Listen, this is dangerous, guys. It doesn’t matter why, but things don’t get thrown here. I don’t need your water! You give it to your friend.”

Cash continued: “But then I say: if you have to throw water on me, then don’t come here. Or am I doing this wrong? Come on, who cares, the main thing is to return them to their place. These things are really dangerous. Now let’s continue with Caramel. Just let him out, you never know.” Electra concludes.

After the incident, Elettra decided to retrieve the ladder and take away the person responsible for the launch.

Video taken from mariamariamariacat’s tik tok profile

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