Eliminate Pen or Pencil Stains From Your Couch With This Trick

points per sphere They are more common than people think. On top of that, such stains are quite a headache because they are so hard to remove. such a powerful product, easily permeable material Where it lands, removing it from the affected area is an almost impossible task.

When this happens to clothing, some people throw it away without thinking. but, What happens when disaster strikes on the couch? Before you make a hasty decision or end up in a crisis, we tell you that problems have solutions.Next we will explain How to Remove Globe Stains From Sofa With One Easy Trick.

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How to Remove Sofa Stains

The first suggestion is to act as soon as possible, because The more time you spend dealing with stains, The more difficult it is to remove it from the furniture. Once you notice a pen accident, you must:

1. Remove excess: i searched Napkins or absorbent cloths Then place it on top of the ink bust. avoid rubbing it Use sparingly with dry napkins as this will make the stain bigger.Another way to get rid of the excess is to use Scotch tape that’s not very strong then If your sofa is made of genuine leather or leather, It can be undamaged.

2. Dilute the ink: After removing the excess, Dampen the cloth with a little white vinegar or hand sanitizer dissolved in water. please remember Vinegar is a great cleaning product. Thanks to its properties, it is able to remove dirt without being so strong that it damages the fabric. It is even recommended to polish the wood of furniture.

After dampening the cloth, gently wipe the affected area to absorb and remove the stain from the sofa. This process should continue for approximately 10 minutes or until all traces of the ball disappear.

3. Flush: After removing the stain, it must be rinsed and allowed to dry. Finally, you can purchase special sofa conditioners or creams to keep your furniture shiny and moisturized.

Other Ways Grandma Ends Inking

Mark on the couch (Getty Images)
Mark on the couch (Getty Images)

exist Other mom tips that can help you remove ink stains, Just in case neither alcohol nor vinegar have worked their magic.

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– milk: The pH of this liquid is mildly acidic, making it an excellent alternative to ink. Soak the affected area with milk for about 10 minutes.

– Nail polish remover: This product contains acetone It’s great for removing stains caused by marker ink., which can result in more difficult-to-treat stains. Using a cotton ball, dab a little acetone nail polish remover and dab on the stain to remove the grime.

– Hair spray: Due to the high alcohol content of this product, Positioned as a great ingredient For treating ink stains from fountain pens, markers or ballpoint pens.this product Recommended only for furniture with removable lining, Otherwise, the ink may transfer and the problem will become bigger.

With these tips, you’ll be able to remove any ink stains from your couch. If none of these techniques remove handwriting, Specialized chemical products are recommended for stain removal. If so, be careful not to use chemicals for cleaning as they can be toxic or completely damage your furniture.

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