Elite, partner of Danna Paola confesses that he wants to share bed with her


The Show of Alvaro Rico, which is famous for Youtube received the cast of Elite Netflix; where one of the boys spoke and ended by confessing that you want to Danna Paola in the bed.

It was the turn of Mina El Hammani, who gives life to Nadia, who did the controversial question of who would want in the bed.

What colleague could you share a cup of coffee?, what colleague could you share a dinner? And what companion could you share the bed?, Who is someone that you would put just a little bit?”.

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After not much thought Mine broke the silence and shared which is the mexican actress which has all the qualities to be your partner in bed.

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Well You Danna! Hahaha, he replied.

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Danna Paola has been part of the headlines in recent days as they claim has given up on the fourth season of the series due to a huge lawsuit; as well as when you claimed I could not leave Spain before the contingency by coronavirus.

In addition, has captured the attention of internet users with the videos that you have shared on Tiktok with fun dances.

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