Elizabeth Hurley, 54 years old, dancing in a bikini in the Maldives : this video is stunning


The actress and top model Elizabeth Hurley, British, 54 years old, reveal a habit, your beautiful body on the social networks. During a stay in the Maldives, the actress has a new, sometimes sultry in a bikini revealed !

Elizabeth Hurley, 54 yearshas nothing to envy to the little boys. The British actress, is never the last show your amazing body on the social networks. During his stay in the Paradise on the Maldives, the sex symbol of the 1990s is always displayed, even sexy. On a video he posted on his account Instagram on Sunday, the 23. February, the star in sight Austin Powers and Passenger 57 shows, dancing in a bikini on a beautiful beach in the Maldives. She is wearing a swimsuit two parts, blue and turquoise, with their beautiful tanned complexion. A sequence viewed over 400 000 times in a few hours.

By the way, the ex of Hugh Grant – business-woman is taught, presented its own line of swimwear. And they understood that she is the most beautiful models, that’s it. A brand by the same name, which she managed for 15 years. In fact, Elizabeth Hurley, his collection Elizabeth Hurley Beach in 2005. In addition, the new face of the brand Estée Lauder had signed it, there are a couple of years, a line of jerseys for the claw Spanish Mango.

It is on 10 June that Elizabeth Hurley had celebrated his 54 years. For the occasion she had imagined, in a bathing suit and sunglasses XXL on the nose. In the legend, the good sexy wrote these words : “Selfies birthday #THE @marvel runaways. Thanks for all your messages.” A dreamlike silhouette that allows him to endure all things. At the last Halloween party, he had unsheathed, a beautiful combination of Kill Bill, in which you appear as sexy as hell.

Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram

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