Elodie’s cut-out dress is cool

Now that the summer of 2023 has officially begun (and with it comes the first heat wave) Dress And it becomes all the more necessary to run towards the sea. And to make the wait for the long-awaited vacation less painful, the advice is to reorganize your swimwear collection, create new combos with pieces you already have in your wardrobe, and invest in models with a timeless silhouette. If you’re short on inspiration, scroll through the social profiles of celebrities and trendsetters who’ve already unveiled their favorite bikinis and one-pieces of the season: Della Leota’s striped white model, plus animal prints There is also a Bandu two-piece with it. by Lila Moss and full black bikini by Megan Fox. list also joins Elodies who ushered in the holidays with rainbow hues cut-out suit,

Summer 2023 fashion, all about Elodie’s cut-out dress

“When the distance between us shrinks, the feelings grow,” Elodie wrote in the caption of an Instagram post published in collaboration with Durex Italia. Posing against a backdrop of a seaside landscape, the “Vertigo” singer instantly captivated the web’s attention bikini Put signature on Attic.

swimsuit summer 2023 elodie


Crafted in brown lycra with a metallic finish, this model features a wide décolleté and a deep criss-cross neckline at the back, while the hip line is underlined by four maxi side cutouts. All this with a new caramel colored hair look. Envisioning combinations to enhance the ensemble, you can choose denim trousers like the jeans and one piece combo by Ludovica Coccione and Gigi Hadid, or a transparent minidress like the sequined dress by Kylie Jenner. And then the final touch: a mini bag in straw or woven raffia, like the one chosen by the trendy summer 2023 models cosmopolitan,

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