Elon Musk admits: “With X we may fail, but we will try to the end”

“The sad truth is that at the moment there are no big social networks. We may fail, as many predicted, but we will try to the end.” Elon Musk returns to the eventual failure of X. This is the second time he has done so in less than a year.

The confession came after a software programming error that resulted in the loss of many images posted on the social network prior to 2014. The error was noticed yesterday. Millions of missing photos. Some very famous photos, such as the one taken by Ellen DeGeneres during the 2014 Academy Awards. Other historical photos, on the other hand, are safe, such as the @joachimroncin tweet that launched the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag on January 7th. 2015, after the attack on the editorial office of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo, or a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama in 2012, shortly after being approved by the US President in the White House.

Not sure why photos are lost

It is currently unknown what could have caused the loss of the photos. Several social media experts claim that the error was caused by an attempt to save on data storage costs. According to The Verge, a reputable U.S. digital tech site, the error may have been caused by a change in Twitter’s algorithm in 2016 that prevented site previews from being calculated when a link was exchanged. generally within 140 characters.

X, what will change after the account is suspended

Simone Cosimi

The error could have appeared after Musk decided to slow down access to other social platforms and other sites, such as various information sites that the owner of the social network does not like. The delay of five to ten seconds affected, in particular, Facebook, Instagram, Reuters and the New York Times.

Already in November 2022, the first warning: “Bankruptcy is not excluded”

In the background is everything that has happened to Twitter-X over the past year: layoffs of 80% of employees, a sharp reduction in the number of software engineers, the flight of several top officials of the company, a conflict of income with Elon Musk. . When Musk bought Twitter, 8,000 people were working on it. Today there are 1400 of them.

In November 2022, shortly after acquiring the platform and beginning the first crackdown on employees, Musk had already warned of the possible bankruptcy of Twitter. Not in terms of social media or popularity, but in terms of economics: “Company bankruptcy is out of the question.” The only way to avoid this is to increase income. The mission is currently more difficult to accomplish than Musk himself could have imagined. Even if he has been telling his followers in recent months that the company may be on a recovery path.

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