Elon Musk Gave 1.255 fan for hospital : Okezone techno


NEW YORK – The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk ever discover that he is willing to help, the government of the United States of America (USA) in the face of the corona-virus.

Quotes BbcMusk, the help will be mentioned in the procurement of respiratory protective equipment or fan. Therefore, this tool is so important, but the number is not much.

To fulfill this promise, musk donated 1.255 unit fan from China to the United States. This tool will be distributed to people in need.

This information is conveyed to musk about the official account of him. He said that he had bought a fan and send it to some hospital in Los Angeles.

“China is already in over-supply, so we bought 1.255 fan and sent him to Los Angeles. If you are a fan, please let us know,” wrote Musk.

Currently, many hospitals in the country of Uncle Sam, not the tools of the fan. Thanks to his help, musk got a lot of compliments from warganet respond to cuitannya such.