Elon Musk is Ready to have the ventilator to the patient, Corona Virus


Billionaire business man, running SpaceX and electric car company Tesla, Elon Musk is willing to have a machine breathe for the patient with corona virus (Covid-19) produce. He download the statement on Twitter.

“We make a fan, if there is a shortage,” said Musk via Twitter, as quoted from space.

Editor-in-chief fivethirtyeight.com Nate Silver, of the is the quick answer, in fact, not a defect and asks musk on the number of fans, he planned. According to musk, the fan does not seem difficult, but it can not be produced immediately and quickly.

“Tesla made a car with the hvac system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) advanced. SpaceX, a space ship with life support systems. The fan is not difficult, but it can not be produced immediately. The hospitals have such a shortage that you speak today,” said Musk: to answer this question.

This conversation attracted the attention of many people on Twitter, including the people, the control of the spread of the corona virus, as. For example, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s response to topix Musk on Thursday (19/3).

“@elonmusk New York City buy! Our country is facing a drastic shortage and we need the fan as soon as possible-we have thousands in the city over the next few weeks. We have it as soon as possible, but we could use your help! We will contact you directly,” said Blasio.

Musk seems to monitor the pandemic Covid-19 in a targeted manner. He has to upload some tweets about Covid-19.

He argues, more than once, that a sense of panic has pandemic potential more dangerous than the disease itself.

This is not the first time musk put the company’s resources to solve the problem of international reputation.

In 2018, for example, the engineers of SpaceX, Tesla and Co are Boring. you can build a mini-submarine to the rescue of a football team the young man, trapped in the cave of Thailand during the flood.

But the Savior is not, so you use the mini-U-boat. Help swim with the children and their coaches with the DIVING equipment.

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