Elon Musk will fire Tesla managers who fail to follow these three guidelines

In a leaked email to his employees, the automaker’s CEO warned: “If none of the above is done, the manager will be asked to resign immediately. Thank you, Elon.”


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, warned in leaked emails that he will “immediately” fire Tesla managers who fail to follow three direct directions upon receiving an order from him.

The tycoon, also known for his spontaneity on Twitter, is used to writing mass emails signed with his first name, with a personal but firm tone, short messages and copies to all his employees.

Fisker, Kia Motors, Vinfast, are some of the companies that presented their new utility vehicles at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, United States.

CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) had access to a couple of these emails sent in early October. In the first, Musk talks about workers who listen to music during work hours and in the second, a bit more authoritarian, he reminded everyone who the CEO of Tesla is.

“I just wanted to say that I am very supportive of listening to music at the factory, as well as any little touches that make work more enjoyable. An associate just sent me a note asking if we could have a headset for listening to music so the other ear can hear security-related issues. That seems fine to me, ”he wrote in the email, dated October 3.

The also founder of SpaceX added that the background music from the speakers also seems to him “great as long as there is a reasonable agreement between his colleagues regarding the musical options”.

“If there are other things that you think would make your day better, please let me know. I really care if they want to come to work every day! ”, Concluded the first email.

In the second leaked email, Musk reminded his managers at Tesla that he only allows three actions when submitting direct orders: respond with an explanation as to why his proposal should be reconsidered, request further clarification, or execute.

Under the subject “Please consider,” the executive listed these options.

* “Email me to explain why what I said was wrong. Sometimes I’m just wrong!

* Ask for more clarification if what I said was ambiguous.

* Execute the instructions, ”the statement read, dated October 4.

From this latest email, he highlighted the final warning: “If none of the above is done, the manager will be asked to resign immediately. Thank you, Elon ”.

According to CNBC review, at the time both emails were written, Tesla had just announced record sales in its third quarter despite supply chain pressures and, above all, chip shortages.

Around this time, the electric car company had also launched the long-awaited “Full Autonomous Driving Beta” button, allowing Tesla car owners to sign up for assistance software that can be tested on public roads.

On October 4, Tesla lost a big case in federal court in San Francisco when a jury decided that it should pay a former employee, Owen Diaz, about $ 137 million for working in a “racially hostile” environment during his time. at the Fremont, California Auto Plant.

CNBC reviewed other emails Musk sent in recent months, including words of encouragement for employees working at the new Berlin factory, and a call from an analyst suggesting that Tesla shares may hit $ 3,000. dollars each.


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