Elon Musk’s problem with cats and the antennas of his Starlink satellites

Starlink is the satellite internet company founded by Elon musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla Motors. We are talking about companies capable of manufacturing cars with automatic pilot and sending rockets into space. When someone develops technologies of such caliber they make a big mistake: forget about cats.

For Starlink internet to work properly, it is necessary to install antennas that give a good signal. Some people have decided to place them at ground level. To his surprise, the antennas attract the internet signal and a few cats. Why is this happening?

Apparently the antennas of Elon Musk’s company give off some heat. If you add to this that the United States is experiencing heavy snowfall, some animals approach the antennas to warm up and avoid the cold. “Starlink works very well until the cats discover that the antenna dish emits a little heat on cold days,” said a Starlink user on Twitter.

Install antennas in inaccessible places

According to ComputerHoy, this is not something that takes Starlink customers by surprise, since Reddit has been talking about for almost a year. Some of the users measured the antenna temperature and found that gives off heat from above and below.

Although it is not proven that the presence of an animal can reduce the internet signal, the antenna can be damaged by the weight of cats or birds. The company recommends installing the antennas in a location that is inaccessible to certain animals.

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