Elon Musk’s Spy Account Moved to Threads: I Hope Twitter Dies

Jack Sweeney founded ElonJet, an account that tracks the movements of Elon Musk’s jet. After getting banned on the microblogging social network, he moves on to compete and gain new followers.

secret of elon jet It’s about mixing traditional voyeurism with the notion of having some sort of control over the richest man in the world. The social account monitors Elon Musk’s jets, and publishes details of his movements. Since 2020 they have gathered followers and also caught the attention of the person concerned who first tried to convince the founder Jack Sweeney, to cancel the profile and as soon as he took over Twitter he took care of it directly. It almost felt like a victory, but then the threads came.

Threads, the Instagram satellite app that wants to compete with Twitter, has reached “10 million in seven hours,” as Zuckerberg wrote with an emoji, and wants to collect all the exes who have signed up in November 2022. Feeling cheated by Elon Musk’s revolution. He is also Jack Sweeney. ,ElonJet has come to the threads!” she announced, gaining 13,000 followers in a matter of hours and still counting. “I would like to post on threads like I do on Instagram,” Sweeney told Insider. have more followers thani sincerely hope twitter dies”, added the student. “Since I’m blocked there, you search for my name, it looks like I’m banned from searching.”

what is alonjet

ElonJet, as we said, is an account created in 2020 that tracks Elon Musk’s private jet. The service created by Jack Sweeney uses public data, which he shares on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, he also has an account on Twitter 530,000 followers, This was before it was suspended by Elon Musk, who targeted Sweeney’s account, offering him (in vain) $5000 to disrupt the service. Sweeney has also opened other profiles to stalk celebrities such as former President Donald Trump, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.

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In December 2022, after Musk bought Twitter, the account was blocked because it did not comply with microblogging social policies, and so Sweeney created a new profile. @ElonJetNextDayWho tracked Elon Musk’s private jet flights but published flight location information 24 hour delay According to Twitter’s new rules, “Allow the sharing of a publicly available location after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed that the person is not at risk of physical harm.”

Elon Musk’s War

Musk explained in a tweet, “Any account that shares anyone’s real-time location information will be suspended, as this is a physical security breach. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location information.” Is.” “There is a lawsuit going on against organizations that claim to have harmed Sweeney and my family,” he said on Twitter.

how are threads

Meta’s new social network is not surprisingly called the “Twitter killer”, Zuckerberg thought it up precisely in order to give a new home to all users dissatisfied with Elon Musk’s platform. And in fact Threads has the same functions and interface as Twitter.

The app’s description states, “Threads are where communities come together to discuss the topics that interest you today and what will be trending tomorrow.” “Whatever interests you, you can follow and connect directly with your favorite creators and other like-minded people, or share your thoughts, opinions, and creativity with the world.” can build up a loyal following of its own.” It has a feed for publishing microposts, and you can reply with comments, repost content, and attach images and photos.

However, the new Instagram satellite app has only been launched in the US, not the EU yet. Irish Privacy Commissioner In fact they blocked the launch because Threads collects personal data such as location, history, contacts, purchases, they said that if Meta does not adapt regulation to protect EU personal data, the ban could be permanent. Is.

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