Elsa Esnoult (The Mysteries of Love) confides in her new very strange roommates … who “climb” on her


A true animal friend, Elsa Esnoult has never hidden being gaga over her little dog Eden. But now she is no longer alone in the heart of the actress since the latter has welcomed three new children to her home …

The actress has two passions in life: her job, and animals. Always ready to defend the animal cause, Elsa Esnoult could give all her love to her little living beings. Moreover, if she is already Eden’s mistress, the actress also has other surprises to present to her fans.

Indeed, if Internet users already knew the existence of Ruby, her little pet rat, Elsa Esnoult presented a few days ago the two new arrivals: Pearl and Saphyr, whom she has just officially adopted. Two mammals who are also real stars since they appear in an episode of the Mysteries of Love, the series of their new owner.

At the head of a small tribe of four four-legged animals, the actress seems happier than ever. And against all odds, as she was able to confide, the cohabitation between all these little people is going wonderfully, ” It is going well because Eden is very intelligent and understands that I love them very much. She does not try to attack them, she observes them. My rats want to go towards her but Eden doesn’t care “. And with the arrival of new inhabitants, we had to organize and invest, ” We have to have cages for rats, but be careful, these are lofts! They need freedom, but also to be in their cages “. However, if she is delighted with this good agreement, Elsa Esnoult still remains on her guard, “I don’t really want to take the risk of freeing them in front of Eden because they are running around the house. “

 If she dreams of becoming a mother one day, for the moment the actress prefers to devote herself to her career, while giving her love to her pets. A small four-legged family that they would like to expand moreover ” If it were up to me, it would be Elsa’s Arch at home!”, but according to her, ” You must not be selfish and you have to think about the well-being of the animal. When you have an intense life from morning to night and you are away all day, it’s complicated to ‘having animals. You have to be able to take care of them “that is very attentive.