Elsa Pataky speaks of the matching tattoo which was made with Miley Cyrus when they were sisters-in-law


Will you be repentant Elsa Pataky the tattoo that he shares with Miley Cyrus?

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Elsa and Miley they met when both went out with Chris and Liam Hemsworth respectively, and were super close, got along so well that in 2016 they decided to seal their friendship with a matching tattoo.

Elsa and Miley is tatuaron in the finger a small wave as a symbol of their friendship and the love that both shared by the brothers Hemsworth, but now that Miley has been separated from Liam, What Elsa is repentant of that tattoo that he shares with the singer?

During an interview with the australian Teen VogueElsa confessed that he does not regret any tattoo in your skin: “I do not regret any tattoo. Are symbols, I love to have them and remind me of moments“.

A few months ago, Elsa said that Liam deserved better than Miley, a statement that took by surprise the star and that it hurt him, because they were not expected something like that from his ex-sister-in-law.

Do you believe that Miley think the same thing that Elsa with regard to tattoo to share?

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