Elton John ready for his latest crowd at Glastonbury

Anticipation is growing for what will be the last English concert tour for Elton John, who prepares to close his long career of live shows

elton john in concert Glastonbury Festival scheduled for sunday evening pyramid stage Promises to be the event of the year, perhaps one of the most historically significant nights of the legendary English festival.

Elton John ready for Glastonbury

Not only would this be an absolute debut for Elton John Considered the most important rock festival in the country, but also the last show in England for the rocker, who will be holding his last show in a few days at the end of his endless calendar. Farewell Yellow Brick Road And an absolutely invaluable live career. The anticipation is huge. speaking of a complete public record Which would essentially be a tribute to the life and history of Elton John.

Organizers have so far managed to keep any surprises under wraps but what is certain is that there will be many key moments on stage that the public will be able to applaud at the historic event.

To promote the appointment, Elton John has given several interesting interviews in recent days, the last of which, a few hours ago, was broadcast on the national BBC Radio 1 network, during which the author rocket Man A few more hints about what will be a completely different setlist than what they’ll be taking to the stage in the various international territories of their tour.

“Wonder and Various Songs”

“I’m rehearsing a song I haven’t played in about 10 years, so we’ll see how it goes” Elton John acknowledges radio show host Clara Amphoe. But what is this song, it is not known. It certainly won’t be a surprise: “I have already prepared the lineup, I have booked rehearsal dates for the artists who will be coming to see me. At this point I only hope that the weather is fine”.

Final UK show at end of 303-show tour – Credit ANSA (Velvetmusic)

No tips on guests either. Even though the rumors speak of artists who have recently collaborated with Elton John: and so Dua Lipa, Rina Swayamyama, Lil Nas X – which will continue pyramid stage just before that – we talk about britney spears, who is reportedly in England and could make an appearance. Elton John, who often almost nailed the newcomers, said he was thrilled to be able to share the stage with so many young people: “Olivia Dean, Obongjire, Joseph, Nova Twins, whoever says there’s no new music out there is wrong. It’s out there, you just have to know how to find it and spot it. I really love Linda Linda And also like Wet Legs and the Nova Twins, they’re amazing. Seriously, phenomenal.”

Slash and AXL Rose are also expected to join Elton John, who will be guests on the Pyramid Stage the day before. Other notable names at this edition of Glastonbury include Cat Stevens and Blondie, who will play on Sunday afternoon.

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