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Agencies | Laura’s News – Two Puerto Rican artists will meet for the first time on the Venezuelan stage.its about Elvis Crespo and Jerry RiveraWHO They will perform on the same stage on November 17 Located in the parking lot of Tamanaco Commercial City Center in Chuao.

Through this joint concert, the interpreter of “Píntame” will reunite with a national audience after a ten-year absence, reports Ultimas News.

At the time, the controversial singer became one of the most important merengue artists of the 90s, not only for his success with the aforementioned songs, but also for others such as “Gently”, “Our Song”, “Your Smile”, “Full Moon”Waiting for songs that are popular in China and on the billboard charts.

Under the motto “Hand in Hand of the Year”, the show will feature the best songs of Crespo and Rivera.

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That night will also help Jerry Rivera show his entire gig in better health than he did last year performing at the same venue. At that time, the interpreter of “Amores como el nuestro” had a bronchitis fever that jeopardized the show’s performance.

Venezuela will have two characters who shared the stage in “La rumba del merengue” last June.

Here’s about the Omar family: Omar Enrique and Omar Acedo, They are also part of this joint organization. They will be accompanied by their orchestra.

Over the next few days, the merchant will announce to the public when the tickets will go on sale, how much the tickets will cost for the show, and which stock house will be in charge of marketing the tickets.

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