Emails from Elon Musk come to light: What instructions do you give your employees?

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric entrepreneurs today: for example, he is known for sending emails to all of his employees. The CNBC chain accessed two ’emails’ that shed light on what day to day is like in the electric car factory.

In the first email, sent in early October, Musk shares his thoughts about factory employees listening to music in the middle of the workshop.

“I fully support music in the factory, as well as any little touches that make work more enjoyable,” writes the entrepreneur.

He emphasizes that for safety reasons, it is necessary that employees only wear one of the two helmets. They can also use a loudspeaker as long as the music does not disturb their co-workers.

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“If there are other things you think could improve your day, please let me know. I really care if you feel like going to the office every day!”

The second e-mail details what steps should Tesla managers take If you send them a message with explicit instructions:

“1. Please reply to my email to explain if what I said was wrong. Sometimes, I am just wrong!

2. Ask for more clarification if what I said was ambiguous.

3. Follow the directions. To the managers who did none of the above they will be asked to resign immediately“.

Musk himself has yet to comment on the leak.
Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX - Sputnik World, 1920, 11.11.2021

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