Emergencies in La Paz hospitals overwhelmed

Stretchers are everywhere, spaced only a few centimeters apart…and patients sleeping in armchairs. They are photographs of the last hours in a hospital emergency room. La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

“They’re not going to stop coming in and out. they look like warm beds’, said one of the patients, Mercedes Gutiérrez. She had waited seven days for a vacant bed. She told LaSexta no beds And she had no choice but to stay there.

He also condemned them for being completely overcrowded. “You can hug each other ’cause he’s right next to you’, described another affected person, Eusebio Ramírez. Eusebio finally got one of the stretchers, but there was no room left:”two days on the couch Until the third day they gave me a bed. That’s how he described himself sleeping in an armchair. He had been waiting in the emergency room for three days. The oncologist hadn’t seen him yet.

On Tuesday, 70 patients were waiting to be admitted to La Paz Hospital in Madrid. As of Wednesday morning, 51 people remained without beds. “It’s impossible to have no beds for 50 people, and the hospital has them too. Hundreds of closed beds’, explained Guillem Del Barrio, an emergency nurse and spokesman for the Trabajadores en Red union.

This is the case, and 31 toilets in La Paz have filed complaints with the duty court.the whole community of madrid 2,400 beds closed for summer. According to the Ministry of Health, the influx was lower during these months. They said the rebound in patient numbers was due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and heatstroke. “But there are people with pneumonia, kidney infections, cancer patients,” Del Barrio said.

The toilet guaranteed the crash it’s not a punctual thing. “This happens every year. It happened in Mostoles, Infanta and in different hospitals,” said Miguel Angel García, representative of the La Paz Hospital Workers’ Council. Same day In the afternoon, the Hospital of Madrid October 12 condemned the “chaos” on the fifth floor of the Gynecology Department on social networks.

To solve the problem, the health department provided beds on the inpatient floors of the Carlos III Hospital and transferred patients to the Isabel Zandar Hospital.For these hospital professionals, this solution was not enough and they continued denounce lack of staff.

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