Emergency Tips for Concealing Spots and Marks on Your Skin During Special Events

When it comes to clipping at special events, flawless skin It is essential along with good looks and perfect hair.However, spots or other small brand like the post acne They can ruin the moment.Today, I will reveal to you these emergency tips Hide any type of stain or blemish skin and achieve a flawless appearance.

Skin preparation is key

While makeup works wonders, it’s impossible to have the healthy and beautiful look you want if your skin isn’t in good condition.So make sure you have a well prepared skin. clean your face lightly smear Light Moisturizer Leaves skin soft and receptive. A good foundation guarantees better results in everything you do in the future.So, after a few hours, you can prevent pigmentation concealer installed in the groove wrinkle. A trickas pointed out gisela forestofficial makeup artist Sephora Spain, “just apply a grain of rice in moisturizer to the area, wait a few minutes, and then apply concealer.” The explanation is that marks and wrinkles are not covered because they are slightly raised and not camouflaged with color . Hydration should be done first. Bet on peptides, which fade non-dynamic lines for a smoother, more even-looking face.

use a tinted concealer

If you have red or brown spots, a color corrector can be your best ally.use a green concealer to fight against Red dot and a orange or peach concealer to neutralize brown spots.Smudges smoothly and blends edges

if you have persistent markerthe emergency solution can be high coverage concealer. Choose a color that is slightly lighter than your foundation, and apply it directly over your markers.Extend with a soft touch to blend and achieve natural effect.

Another trick to subtly conceal marks and blemishes is to use a long-lasting foundation, Gradually.That is, in thin layer to establish the desired coverage. indeed, blends well If you want to get a natural look.

While makeup works wonders, it’s impossible to have the healthy and beautiful look you want if your skin isn’t in good condition.Launchmetrics Spotlight.

3 Glitter Tips for a Blemish-Free “Good Face”

The most important thing is to take good care of your skin moisturizing products And master some basics.

  1. Highlighters are a key part of the art of camouflage. “In volumetric areas, a little illuminator should be used, this will make skin tones wet effect and moisture.turn out juicy skin has a glass effect”, states Elisel PrinceNational makeup artist Guerlain.

  2. once makeupIf you want to improve the appearance of your skintry applying a little Oil Apply face to palm and press makeup into palm T zone. This trick is perfect for creating a juicy “good face” look.

  3. A Makeup setting liquidIt is very important to provide extra brightness to the skin.

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Supervision Skills: Highlighting Your Qualities

Draw attention away from your features using soft contouring techniques to accentuate your features defect. Note the following steps:

For example, to outline the desired area under the cheekbone and the sides of the nose, and Vague OK

Use strategically placed shadows if there are stains near the eyes to divert attention. use bright shades On moving eyelids, avoid dark colors that might emphasize imperfections.

Fuller lips can also change the focus of the face. Choose your favorite lipstick color that complements your makeup.

Have an emergency kit on hand

Keep a small cosmetic bag in your bag for emergencies.include concealer, translucent powder and a brush Make up for that special occasion.

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