Emerger arrived in Rafaela with his pre-hospital health services

Emerger, a company specialized in the provision of pre-hospital health services in the Province of Santa Fe with a national scope, began operating last Monday in Rafaela, thus ranking the city with its quality medical services.
Founded in 1994, Emerger is a health services company that has grown taking as a fundamental pillar the search for excellence in quality of medical care, technological innovation and permanent technical and scientific training. That is why today, without a doubt, it is one of the most prestigious and fastest growing companies.
We provide an excellent medical service in emergencies, emergencies and home medical visits. For this we have professionals specialized in medical care and management, UTIM mobiles equipped with the highest technology and airplanes with highly complex equipment to treat any type of pathology, thus having the possibility of providing land and air transfers 24 hours a day. hs from anywhere in the country. Grupo Emerger’s Medical Directorate is headed by Dr. Alberto Davidovich, cardiologist, emergentologist, and is in charge of training, coordinating and supervising the professionals responsible for providing excellent medical care. Designing and managing standards and plans for professional growth and development.
ISO 9001: 2015 STANDARDS: we have quality certification in call reception, coding, logistics, dispatch of units throughout the country and home health care.
AHA CERTIFICATION: We are a training site for the American Heart Association, which allows us to train all of our medical and non-medical staff with internationally certified instructors.
OWN NATIONAL NETWORK: For seventeen years we have had our own National NETWORK made up of more than 400 companies in the sector distributed throughout the country in order to provide the widest coverage area to our more than 1,000,000 affiliates. It complies with all the necessary standards for a correct and professional operation.
OPERATING AND OFFICE ROOM: All calls in the country are centralized here. We have a staff of highly trained operators for the care and containment of patients, dispatchers dedicated exclusively to different parts of the country, permanent operational coordinators to guarantee the monitoring of services and response times, medical coordinators 24 hours a day to provide support in life-threatening cases, telephone exchange with state-of-the-art IP technology, geo-location of mobile units, proprietary management software with high technology and operating protocols and processes.
HEALTH COVERAGE IN AIRPORTS: we carry out health responsibility in 20 airports in the country, in the event of any emergency, urgency or primary health care that is required within the airport or on the runway for any passenger in transit and for all its personnel . We have a highly complex ambulance, doctor, paramedic and nurse trained for this type of coverage.
COVERAGE IN WELL MOUNTS AND MINING: our 4 × 4 mobiles are located in inhospitable and difficult-to-access areas, providing medical coverage for any emergency or urgent situation in oil wells and mining works.
TELEMEDICINE: We have our own development that allows us members to make a video medical consultation, from anywhere through a mobile device such as tablet or cell phone. For this we have formed a team of exclusive doctors to receive these consultations, being able to make prescriptions and electronic prescriptions for
patient comfort.
In this first stage, the company will operate in the CER Clinic (Renal Disease Center) of Dr. Bello, located at Calle Necochea 260.
In the event of any urgency or emergency, they should contact 0810 777 8733 24 hours a day.
To join our health plans, you should call 03492-503888.
Members will be able to access our health plans that have:
• Emergencies, urgencies and home medical visits
• Telemedicine
• 50% discount in pharmacies
• Consultations in medical offices of different specialties
• National coverage
• Protected area

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