Emilia, the baby from Tucumán, needs everyone’s help

The girl’s mother spoke to La Tucumana de Mañana and made a desperate plea. video.

Emilia, one year and one month old, was born with a complex congenital heart defect. Her family knew about the diagnosis because her mother, Lourdes, was pregnant and the baby had received different interventions from an early age. In recent months, Emilia has suffered serious lung infections. In this context, Lourdes spoke to Tucumana de Manana and called for solidarity.

“We’ve had the diagnosis right from the womb. He’s been through various treatments and spent most of his life in a nursing home. We’ve been battling a very complicated bilateral pneumonia for a month which has resulted in Her heart condition is decompensated. We are waiting for her to come out so we can intervene on her but we have no place here to treat her. We are asking to be transferred from our social work to Buenos Aires because in the gallery Man, it didn’t get the attention it deserved and needed,” the girl’s mother said.

Lourdes also said her daughter was admitted to San Lucas Nursing Home and is improving clinically but remains intubated. The improvement will allow her to move to the nation’s capital, however, the young woman regrets her social work delay: “Our social work is news. They know the baby is ready to travel. It’s fine today, not tomorrow Got it. That’s why we are desperate for a transfer to any complex center in Buenos Aires for cardiac care. We have asked for everything they have asked for, we just need their response. I go to social work every day, Because it’s my daughter’s health, I’m desperate because she’s not a baby to wait.”

To raise funds to cover all expenses in Buenos Aires, his family is raising money through donation bonds. This will allow them to buy everything the doctor orders and find a place to stay. The collaboration aliases are as follows: Todos.por.EmiRojas

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