Emily Blunt: “Women are still forced to be warm and sweet”

Emily Blunt he is 40 years old and for many is the biggest British movie star of his generation. In Christopher Nolan’s new filmOppenheimer“, the actress plays an early wrestler, Kitty Puening.

Woman next to Oppenheimer

Already a nerd, and once an activist in the Communist Party of the United States, she four husbands under 30the last of which was Robert Oppenheimer, the so-called father of the atomic bomb.

Emily-Blunt-Movie-Oppenheimer's Daughters
Left to right: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh at the Oppenheimer launch.

The new movie drama shows how Kitty supported Robert during the development of weapons in remote New Mexico and during the subsequent smear campaign against him, accusing him of being a spy.

However, she was anything but a typical supportive wife. “There was something fickle and wild and maverick in it,” says Blunt. “It was a time when women writhed, trying to become the perfect housewives.

But Kitty was a terrible mother and a bad housewife, and she didn’t aspire to be one.”

A fate shared by “many women of great intelligence whose brilliant brains have been wasted on the ironing board,” adds the British actress.

Emily-Blunt-Movie-Oppenheimer's Daughters
Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy, the protagonists of Nolan’s new film

“I know many women of a certain age who are unhappy that their life is determined by what they mother or wife somebody. And I sympathize with that. It’s okay that it’s not enough for them.”

Actors strike

Like the woman she plays, Blunt is a fighter. And the interview he releases on The Guardian video falls on the last day of the Oppenheimer press tour, in fact the last day of promotion for the foreseeable future for all of the actors who make up Sag-Aftra Union.

40-year-old woman says she is in favor of strike continues from July 14 160 thousand Hollywood artists who ask the Alliance to guarantee them the expected contract terms: “I strongly believe that unions get exactly what they want.”

Emily-Blunt-Movie-Oppenheimer's Daughters
The actress says she supports the Sag-Aftra union strike.

He also supports the resolution: “I also support the return to work of our crews, the people who suffer the most.” For a star, the strike is timely.

Kitty, cold and motherless

So if Kittyaccording to Oppenheimer’s biography “had absolutely no intuitive understanding of children”, his interpreter says “I love children and babies” and is easy to believe when looking back at recent successes such as the Mary Poppins sequel and the two A Quiet Place thrillers.

There are many scenes in the film where he shows himself cold to inconsolable children and reveals that one of the most intense shoots was one in which the couple drove home with their two-year-old son, Peter.

Emily-Blunt-Movie-Oppenheimer's Daughters
The British star in the film plays the wife of the scientist father of the atomic bomb

The little actor was “in shock, he was kicking, he was screaming, he was so attached to his mother that he was exhausted. Snot was coming out of my nose.” Between filming, Blunt sang him a soothing lullaby.

They did four more takes, the baby was sleeping in her arms. Nolan chose the first version, “in which I watched the worst mother in the world“.

Emily Blunt takes a break from movies to be with her daughters

Blunt announced a few weeks ago that he was accepting him. year to be with daughters Hazel, 9, and Violet, 6, and their husband, actor and director John Krasinski.

“It’s one of those things where people ask, ‘How do you reconcile the two? I never seem to get it right,” the Oppenheimer actress said on the podcast. Table for tworeleased on Monday talking about how to juggle between career and mother.

Emily-Blunt-Movie-Oppenheimer's Daughters
Blunt with husband John Krasinski. The British took a year off to be with her daughters and family

“But I am not working this year. I was very busy last year and my eldest is 9 years old, so we are single digits last year. And I feel like there are milestones in their day that are way too important when they’re little.”

In fact, he continues, the case was exaggerated:I’m not leaving Hollywood. It’s all right guys. I’m just taking a vacation.” To be exploited to the maximum before the girls become teenagers.

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