Emily Blunt’s advice for parents of aspiring movie stars may be unexpected

Emily Blunt knows exactly what to say to parents when their kids show interest in acting.

Emily Blunt means advice to all those parents whose children express the desire career V entertainment world. And who could be better than Emily Blunt, after all, who has a filmography full of important titles and is also married to a colleague and director? The couple have two daughters, and as a mother and actress, she felt the need to share her thoughts on the entertainment industry.

Why Emily Blunt Wouldn’t Advise Young People to Start Acting

If parents asked Emily Blunt for advice on how to help their children follow in her footsteps, what would she say? The actress has very clear ideas about this, and they are not too positive. He shared his thoughts during the American Institute of Stuttering’s annual gala in New York just prior to headlining the event. Emily Blunt revealed that in her extremely chic red midi Harper’s Bazaar United Kingdom that her toes flex every time someone tells her their kids are hoping to break into the world of acting, and the reason is pretty simple:

My advice is don’t do this as it is a tough industry that can be frustrating. Many people will tell you not to take things personally, but instead, it’s purely personal, especially when you’re being judged by how you look. So you just have to put up with such comments.

But Emily Blunt he wouldn’t give up acting today as today, as he clarified during the interview: “I love him so much. I have this thing inside of me, this burning thing that is powered only by this work, which yes, it came into my life by accident, but became a crazy love story.“. ABOUT How does he feel about fame?even in the family, the actress said:

When I see myself on a billboard, I have a complete dissociation. I ask: who is this? And my kids do the same. They may say, “Oh, it’s mom,” but they don’t care. What really turns them on is picking them up from school and taking them swimming.

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