Emily Ratajkowski and her inseparable Rolex Day-Date watch

Emily Ratajkowski he is one of the most popular and respected personalities in the world of social media and hence he is often in the spotlight on the internet, be it the content he posts or what he wears.

If the items of clothing that the model demonstrates on Instagram are often depopulated, then this time the object of attention of social media users is a specific Watchwhich the 32-year-old star was recently photographed with after wearing it several times over the past few months, and which has gone viral on TikTok and other platforms.

The hours in question are Rolex Day-Date 36 mm 1984, from 18 carat gold and with an unusual wine dial. Accessory, extremely rare and almost impossible, then further embellished ten diamonds a baguette cutout is placed next to each number except 12 and 3.

Rolex Day-Date 18k Vignette Dial Emily Ratajkowski

The rarity of an item is reflected in its anomaly. price in the secondary market: although the model is not among the most desirable or flashy of those produced by the Swiss company, in fact there are almost 50 thousand dollars buy it, which may vary depending on the conditions and the presence or absence of diamonds.

Emily Ratajkowski was interviewed by tiktoker Mike Nouveau a few months ago about what appears to be her only watch for an episode of the Watch Spotting column, and she stated that the biggest amount of money she has spent on clothing or jewelry , was just to win a watch that she has been wearing diligently for five years now.

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