Emily Ratajkowski, divorce before thirty? It’s gorgeous! And on social networks…

In a video posted on TikTok, the supermodel gave a long speech in which she also talked about her relationship situation: details

Emily Ratajkowski Over the past few hours, she has shared a video on social media expressing her views on being one of them. young woman already behind him marriage broke up. In this regard, she has nothing to be despondent about, let alone despair, considering everything to be something decisively chic.

Emily Ratajkowski on young women’s divorce

I think many women get divorced before they turn 30.— the supermodel commented on the video published on her TikTok page. Then he continued: “And as a woman who got married at 26 and broke up just a year ago, that is, at 32, I must tell you: I think there is nothing better” We continue: “If in your twenties you feel like you’re constantly conflicted, there’s nothing better than being in your 30s, still feeling attractive, maybe having some of your money so you can think about what you want what to do with my life, having already lived through the “fairytale” of marriage and realized that perhaps it is not as wonderful as I want us to believe. But you still have a whole way ahead of you“. Then an unexpected message: “For all those people who are worried about divorce, this is good, congratulations.“…Statements that

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