Emily Ratajkowski goes out with her shirt open and she is not wearing a bra


Despite the sensuality of the image, many regret having seen her go out without a mask since she is pregnant

Emily Ratajkowski has let the world know that she is pregnant and happily exposes her bulging belly on the streets and on social media. However, that is not why she has lost her daring and sensual streak, quite the contrary.

Ratajkowski went out on the street a couple of hours ago and walked through New York passersby with her shirt open. The model again exposed her pregnancy, but thanks to the few buttons she closed, the paparazzi managed to expose that Emily was not wearing a bra. 

Emily Ratajkowski.  / The Grosby Group
Emily Ratajkowski. / The Grosby Group

It should be noted that this is the model’s first pregnancy. Both she and her husband, Sebastián are happy and ecstatic with the news.

Unfortunately, Emily Ratajkowski seems not to be following established health standards, since she walked without a mask on the street in NY

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski. / The Grosby Group