Emily Ratajkowski has huge news … let Your dog just get married!


Are you in quarantine? Bored?

Emily Ratajkowski can relate, so I decided to do something about it!

He is currently in quarantine with her love of real life, Sebastian and his true love furry, dog, Colombo. The family is also huddled with another couple. They have a dog called Happy.

They decided that their dogs should get married this weekend … and so did they!

I did everything possible, friends! There was a ceremony in the backyard, and there was even a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful walk down the aisle! Of course, Emily is sure that all will be embarking on the adventure with multiple changes of clothing. You guessed it … no wedding is complete without family photos!

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Well, now that her two dogs are “married officially”, Emily and her best friends Josh Ostrovsky and Caitlin King have become laws. Emily made sure to prepare for the occasion properly. After all, it is important to enter into the good books with your in-laws! I went through the additional hassle of making sure you have several bottles of champagne on hand to celebrate this happy occasion!

It’s Daily Mail reports that she definitely did everything possible for this, and seemed to have a lot of fun planning for the big day of your puppy!

While many celebrities complain about their boredom during this stage of isolation, it definitely seems that Emily Ratajkowski is having the best time of your life.

It has clearly made the right decision to share this time with your husband and your closest friends! People, reports on their exciting publications in social networks, as she wrote; “In quarantine together, why not marry our children? They love a lot. Congratulations Happy and Colombo 💍🎩✨5.2.20”.

Your day really was for the dogs, and we love it!

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