Emily Ratajkowski: spicy incident live

Cameras focus on Emily Ratajkowski at a prestigious event: the model’s sexual accident during the ceremony.

Another important live event for Emily Ratajkowski: The beautiful Polish-born Londoner is back to captivate audiences, and this time she does it live. There are no hot shots on her social networks that appeared on her accounts a few hours later for the top model, who this time participated in an international live event.

A spicy accident for Emily Ratajkowski, it happened live (Ansa) – Stopandgoal.net

Together with her there are many other pop stars and especially music stars. However, it was Ratajkowski who stole the show for the occasion. he wanted to show off an outfit that was nothing short of vibrant and seductive.. It was a pity, however, that the dress she was wearing was momentarily not very functional.

The sexual incident quickly spread around the world, given that everything happened live and then on social networks. A hint of embarrassment on the part of the model and a powerful man who got away with it by relying on her always charming smile. In short, everything has really happened in the last few years. VMA.

Emily Ratajkowski guest Video Music Awards: sexual incidents for a model

Big party for Video Music Awards From MTV on the stage of which some of the most popular contemporary artists appeared. An important milestone for Maneskin, who once again earned the favor of the public and critics. Along with praise also came Taylor Swift. However, Emily Ratajkowski stole the show.

Emily Ratajkowski at the VMAs, sexual incident spread around the world (Instagram) – Stopandgoal.net

For the evening, the model born in 1991 chose bright green dress with a skirt at the bottom and braid at the front. It is a pity that this particular feature of the dress, which covered the chest with only a couple of stripes, as can be seen in the photographs, did not leave the model naked for a moment. Halfway through the performance of one of the award-winning artists, Ratajkowski got carried away with the rhythm, a little deconstructing the composition of her dress.

Side A, who was about to break out of the clothes that the model wore for the occasion, was caught by the cameras just as everything was happening. Realizing the risk, Emily immediately calmed down and he looked confusedly at his comrades but at the same time fun. Another reason to talk about what happened yesterday in the States during the long-awaited music event.

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