Emily Ratajkowski : this image of your-to 14-year-old in a bikini makes you “sad”


PHOTO. On his account Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski shared recently, a snapshot of where you wear for the age of 14 years, a swimsuit. A cliché that the model says repent now, and for good reason.

Since the beginning of his career in the modeling Emily Ratajkowski many times been the subject of doubt in relation to the naturalness of your plastic dream. Among other things, because of the aesthetic surgery of the breast, of which you claim the nature, if you ask him the question. To prove, however, his critics, that mother nature had spoiled, physically, she has worn, and this already at a young age, of the photos, especially the bathroom. What she regrets now.

“I liked to show people, this is a photo of me 14 years to prove that my body was, of course,”so the wife of Sebastian, the Bear, the legend a cliché, you as a young girl in a bikini. begins “Now I’m a bit sad that there are you. I was just a child, in this photo, and I would have liked, that the world was encouraged, my I be 14 years old to my body”regrets.

On the social networks, the model of the 28-year-old out of his body, which is often frayed, a means to demand his freedom. However, if she is aware of and has to give back an image “hypersexualisée” holds by itself, to warn them of his young customers. “I have always felt a responsibility through my body and my sexuality through platforms such as Instagram. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that the parts of me that are so much more important than the “sex-appeal”, but if you are a girl of 14 years, are you reading this, don’t worry, nothing for the moment. You read a lot of books and know that what you see on Instagram is only a very small fraction of the full human beings and beautifully complex”she said in the end.

“There is no contradiction between a picture and my opinion”

Often mocked and criticized on social networks, to his sexy image, Emily Ratajkowski claims, however, for feminist and defend regularly, equality, the rights of women, such as abortion or against Harvey Weinstein. Two facets of his personality that some of my but not compatible. But you held last november, has moderated their views on the micro of Pretty Big Deal, the Podcast Ashley Graham.

“I can’t say that the publication of such pictures is a form of activism, but it is a way of expressing yourself as a woman. For me there is no contradiction between my way, to dress me, me (as a woman “sexy”), and opinions. This is the problem, and all the difficulties I have had are, in this society,”had you complained at the time, and comes to the conclusion : “For me, it is a thing that women should never have to, in order to know whether you can or not, show your belly, in order to be taken seriously.”

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