Emily Ratajkowski’s Baby Was Born, the Little One Is Named Sylvester Apollo Bear

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski shared the good news via Instagram. Little Sylvester Apollo Bear was born on March 8 and today the model made him public, for the first time. With these words, Emily told the world that Sly was born: “ Sylvester Apollo Bear has joined us on the side of the earth. Sly arrived on 3/8/21 on the most surreal, beautiful, and the loving morning of my life. ”

Emily’s image also shows that she is pro-breastfeeding. Since her baby appears in her arms, while she effectively appears without a bra while feeding him. And this “silent” message has reached more than a million people, who have already liked its publication.


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Celebrities respond to the news

Given the news of her birth, many celebrities have begun to send congratulatory messages, among these you can read the names of models such as Gigi Hadid and thus also that of the singer Rosalía.

Heidi Klum, Ashley Graham, Amy Schumer, Lorena Meritano, and Halsey are other celebrities who have not missed the opportunity to tell her how much they love her, how happy they are for her, and also welcome her to the world of motherhood.

Days before Sly was born, Emily undressed

The model, on the other hand, is also known worldwide for her beauty, and because many of her advertising campaigns make her appear naked on social networks. And also because some of his nudes sometimes have nothing to do with work, but with his own taste and pleasure.

With the pregnancy, there were those who thought that this was going to end, but they were wrong. Emily also documented her pregnancy in the nude. Days before giving birth, she left a complete nude of her body online. More than two million people liked this post.


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