Eminem takes the stage with Ed Sheeran in Detroit: video

Eminem And Ed Sheeran continue talked about their creative collaboration on Saturday night (July 15) in Detroit, the rapper’s hometown.

It was Eminem’s first public appearance since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last November in Los Angeles. The rapper showed up during Ed Sheeran’s math tour to sing two surprise songs..

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I’m always happy to come play in Detroit.Sheeran said this in front of more than 65,000 spectators at Ford Field. He said that Eminem is one of his favorite artists and that he ate at a nearby restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti, which the rapper opened. “I wonder if I can play a cover of one of his songs for you,” he continued.

Ed Sheeran, who previously expressed his admiration for Eminem during a Friday night concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, also in Detroit, started playing a hit with his band Lose yourself. He sang a few lines, and then Eminem, dressed in a dark sweatshirt and baseball cap, took the stage to the delight of the audience, which Sheeran has already called the warmest on the tour. The two sang the first verse and chorus of the song as Eminem asked the (already standing) audience to stand.

Ed Sheeran told fans that Eminem “is coming to do one song. But I told him, “You can’t come to a concert or Detroit and just play one thing.” Would you like to hear another one?”

The two artists then re-enacted their performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, performing the hit. Stan, where Sheeran performs parts originally sung by Dido. Finally they hugged, Eminem said, “Thank you, Ed. Thanks Detroit. I love you. Peace!” before leaving the stage, waving his middle finger to the audience.

Artistic partnership between Eminem and Ed Sheeran

I don’t know about you, but for me it was crazySheeran said before moving on to the next song on the set list. Ideal. He then said, “It was an unforgettable evening. I will never forget her.” For an encore, Ed Sheeran once again paid tribute to Eminem by wearing a Detroit Lions jersey with the number 5 and the name “Mathers” on the back.

Eminem and Ed Sheeran have often collaborated over the years.. Sheeran appeared in singles River (on Eminem’s album revival2017) and Those curious nights (with 50 Cent, on the album Music to kill). In turn, Eminem appeared in remember the namefrom the 2019 Ed Sheeran album No. 6 Joint project.

Before being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Eminem performed last August at the MTV Video Music Awards, and in June with Snoop Dogg at ApeFest 2022. Prior to that, he sang on the now historic Halftime Show of the Superbowl in Inglewood, California. However Eminem hasn’t played a real gig since performing in Abu Dhabi in 2019..

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