Emma has been waiting ten months for emergency surgery

About ten months have passed since Emma Carcacía (43) had her first preoperative period. It has been eight years since she first had emergency surgery. But in December 2022, CHOO’s intraoperative CT could not be repaired. In May, this newspaper reported on his condition, explaining the significance of his actions.

Successive lumbar hernias caused loss of sensation and mobility in his left leg, and in the summer of 2022 a third lesion was discovered, causing tingling pain in his right leg. If you lose feeling in your extremities, you could end up in a wheelchair forever.

Last June, Sergas notified 15 patients to be transferred to Vigo’s Álvaro Cunqueiro hospital to speed up the waiting time. “They told us they were going to operate on us in July and they haven’t called us yet,” Emma lamented, explaining, “They told me to repeat the pre-surgery process after my consultation on the 3rd” .

Patient from Ourense found that her health gradually deteriorated over time and she was unable to move: “In addition to the pain, I got pneumonia this month and was hospitalized for a week.” That’s when his mother decided to take action on the matter and “started calling to explain what happened.”

“At first they told us he wasn’t on the list, and the next day another girl told us he did show up, but it was crowded and we had to wait.” On the third attempt, another officer asked for the first time Her health, “she saw her health was level 2 (emergency) and told me she should have had surgery.”

The most shocking thing for the Ourense woman was when she was admitted to the CHOO emergency room with pneumonia and found out that in Ourense they had rented a CT scanner. They are already operating on people. “I met my neurosurgeon and she was very interested in my situation and when I told her I was still not intervening she was hallucinating,” she explained, adding that the doctor’s response was, “No How are you doing the surgery?” At that time he told him that the patients who had not been transferred were already undergoing surgery. Emma denounced: “They are operating on people who are not as a priority.”

According to her, the Ourense woman contacted the Minister of Health and Valledora do Bobo in desperation. “I wrote twice to Julio García Cosanha. First, I wrote him a formal letter condemning the handling of the situation, and later, in my letter, I told him what he said Personal experience of going through”. A few weeks later, Comesaña replied, “They will operate on me soon, because there are already two solutions: surgery in Vigo and renting a CT scanner”. “Finally, ten months later, I’m still waiting,” he concluded.

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