Emma Stone: “Whoever finds the set finds the treasure”

This article was published in Issue 38, September 26, 2018, and we’re republishing it today to trace the changes that Vanity has led over the past 20 years. Here are all the articles we republish.

Just a couple of days before the meeting Emma Stone for the launch of the series Maniacsearching his name online mostly resulted in comments and predictions about a supposed new love her ex, Andrew Garfield, paparazzi in Malibu in the company of actress Susie Abromeit. This perhaps explains the insistence with which I am repeatedly told that absolutely no personal questions are allowed during the interview. However, when I enter the room, I find her alone. Unlike what happens with many of her colleagues, there is no one – Pierre’s press assistant – sitting nearby to listen and block possible inappropriate questions.

Stone wears a sharp men’s houndstooth suit, her straight hair ending in a curl that cascades over her shoulders. The rest is as you’d expect: fiery red lips, huge eyes. But what amazes me most is the hands. Lower case. As a child: “Scary, right? They make no sense, they are completely disproportionate to the rest of the body (her height is almost one meter seventy, ed.).”

Fortunately for binge drinkers, All 8 episodes will be available on Netflix on September 21st. Maniac. This is a kind of new debut for her. Oscar-winning actress for La La Land, the highest paid in the world in 2017, she appeared on television only at the beginning of her career: small roles were hard earned after moving to Hollywood at 15 with her mother, “because one day, at school, during history class, it dawned on me : I felt that I absolutely had to go to Los Angeles and become an actress.”

In the center Maniacthere are two characters who struggle with serious mental stability issues. Annie, played by Stone, is obsessed with her relationships with her mother and sister, while Owen, actor Jonah Hill, has to deal with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, a perverted brother and two hostile parents. Both agree to become guinea pigs for testing a drug that promises to cure absolutely all psychological disorders. It happens that they inexplicably find themselves together in a series of hallucination dreams, in each of which they appear in the guise of different characters. When I ask her which was the most fun to play, I expect her to choose one of the more daring ones – thief, professional assassin, elf – but she surprises me and chooses “Linda, a nurse from Long Island from the beginning.” episode, episode with the lemur. I like her character, her constant chewing of gum and her complicity in her relationship with her husband.”

Annie and Owen try to solve their problems with drugs, but discover that what really matters is human relationships, love and friendship.
“They want to feel better and try to do it on their own by isolating themselves. I thought it reflected the way the world works today. The more interconnected we are, the further we move away from each other. It doesn’t matter whether they ended up together because of a mistake that happened during a test or because they were destined to become friends: whatever the reason, I find it very beautiful. And very true. We need each other, helping each other makes us feel better.”

You and Ryan Gosling recently spoke about the deep friendship you share after three films together. An exception in the world of cinema?
“Filming a film or TV series is a bit like going to summer camp. For a period of three to six months, you are placed in a group of people you have never seen before and with whom you gradually become acquainted. I never left the set without making a new true friend. I consider myself lucky.”

Is Jonah Hill my friend too?
“This. We’ve known each other for twelve years, since Superbad – Three Minds Over Fur, my first film and my first big audition. It was interesting to see how each of us had grown, changed, or not changed at all in our attitudes toward work.”

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