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Emma Watson made revelations about the money earned from the “Harry Potter” series. What the actress bought after filming

In the third and fourth films, the problem of money was already becoming a serious one. I didn’t know exactly how much money was raised. I was very emotional then.

– Emma Watson

Emma Watson made revelations about the money she earned. In 2010 it already enjoyed 32 million dollars. His last appearance in the series Harry Potter increased its value to $ 70 million. Despite the huge earnings from a very young age, Emma Watson preferred to lead a modest life.

What Emma Watson bought after filming for the “Harry Potter” series

Emma Watson made revelations about the money earned from the series Harry Potter, but also about how he felt over time on set. The actress confessed that there were moments at the beginning of her career when she felt ashamed to play certain scenes.

Following the role played in the series Harry Potter, Emma came to own an impressive fortune. Despite the fact that she had a lot of money in her possession, the actress always preferred to lead a modest lifestyle.

According to her statements, among the first things she bought with the money she received from the movie series, Emma bought a laptop and a car.

Although she could afford an expensive car, Emma did not want to be in the possession of a Mercedes or a BMW. Instead, the actress from Harry Potter he bought a Toyota Prius. It was the first car the actress bought from the money she worked for.

The rest of the time, he preferred to spend his money wisely. Another thing he bought with money from Harry Potter movies was a vacation for his father in Italy.

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