Emma Watson’s new boyfriend and trip to Venice: photo with Ryan Walsh

For entrepreneurial boyfriend Emma Watson and stay in Venice: here’s who his new passion Ryan Walsh and the first joint photos

Emma Watsonactress, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the saga of Harry Potterwas seen in Venice, on vacation with alleged new boyfriend Ryan Walsh.

Emma Watson, American boyfriend and entrepreneur

According to the American press, the British actress broke up shortly after Christmas, after more than a year of dating, with Brandon Greenson of millionaire Sir Philip Green. Again, according to foreign tabloid reports, in recent months, Emma Watson struck up a relationship with an American entrepreneur. They were spotted dining outdoors together and then riding a gondola down the Grand Canal: “He loves a smart guy like her,” a source told the Times. Sun. According to another source Sun“She has a lot of fun with him, they have known each other for a long time. Now that she’s single, they’re dating.”

who is ryan walsh

Ryan Walsh is an entrepreneur working in the technology sector, as well as the founder of Walsh Consulting Group based in Los Angeles. On his Linkedin profile, the entrepreneur describes himself in these words: “I use empathy and feelings to bring better, clearer, more useful things into the world. I love complex problems and people. I believe in clarity, sharpness and simplicity. I love stories. I fight for creators. I like it”.

Emma Watson love

Emma Watson has been in a relationship with Tom Ducker, a rugby player whom the actress met in 2007 when she was about 17 years old. They were together for about a year, then broke up. In 2008, he had a brief affair with Francis Buhlin 2009 at Brown University met Raphael Sebrian and then they tied her to George Craigan American singer with whom he formalized a relationship during the Glastonbury Festival in 2010. Among the most important stories of the actress, we can recall the stories with two fellow students at Oxford University: Will Adamovich AND Matthew Jenny. The actress also dated William Mc KnightBritish entrepreneur who studied at Princeton University and Columbia Business School in Manhattan, and then also Kord Westtristar exultationwhom he broke up with in 2018.

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