Emmanuel Macron hates a tradition that he finds “outdated” … Find out which one!


And these are the traditional presidential vows …

The President of the Republic is much better. On December 17, Emmanuel Macron tested positive for Covid-19. “This diagnosis was established following an RTPCR test carried out at the onset of the first symptoms […] in accordance with the health regulations in force applicable to all, the President of the Republic will isolate himself for seven days. He will continue to work and d ‘ensure its activities remotely. “indicated the Elysee in a press release.

Following this news, the Head of State was forced to spend seven days in solitary confinement at the official residence of La Lanterne, in Versailles. Then, as he did not present “any more symptoms”, Emmanuel Macron returned to the Elysee on December 24. In the meantime, the president had given his news via short videos in which he was reassuring about his state of health. “I am the subject of medical surveillance and I will report to you in a completely transparent manner he said.

This tradition that he finds outdated …

And it must be said that there are certain aspects of his functions that the President of the Republic does not like so much… And every year, on the evening of December 31, when it is necessary to present his wishes to the French, Brigitte’s companion Macron has to comply with an exercise he doesn’t like. “We have no time to waste in wishing a happy new year to all,” said one of the heads of state’s relatives. “Emmanuel Macron wants to reduce the number of wishes, regroup, and simplify, without neglecting anyone. We must prevent the president from spending a month making speeches in the inter-self!”  Christophe Castaner had informed.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6, Emmanuel Macron will present his wishes to the government. Presidential greetings will also be presented to French religious officials, who will be received at the Elysee Palace. Finally, the President of the Republic will appear before the members of the Constitutional Council. Regarding the wishes to the press, they should not be maintained and nothing is yet known about those presented to the Armies. If they were to be canceled, it could ignite the powder as French soldiers have just died in Mali. To be continued …


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