Emotional salary: companies bet on benefits associated with well-being to reward employees

The bonuses linked to well-being that companies grant is an aspect that is increasingly valued by workers, a trend that accelerated with the pandemic at the local and global level, and that is entrenched in the ‘new normal’.

So much so that it gained weight on the economic compensation in most of the employees. According to a survey conducted by Couponstar among 500 companies in the country, six out of 10 people prioritize ’emotional benefits’. Another survey I carried out Eventbrite reached the same conclusions and with the same percentage.

The change in the needs presented by professionals means that companies are forced to improve their attraction and retention strategy, in order to reward talents in a complex context. Globally, more than 40% of companies seek to improve the well-being of their staff in 2022, according to the analysis platform Loyalty 360.

48% of companies close 2021 with concern, uncertainty and economic problems

Flexibility, time availability to dedicate more time to recreation, free lunch, recreational activities, periodic meetings to know the emotional state of the employee and assistance with medical, psychological and nutritional attention are some of the strategies that the organizations implemented at the most critical moment of the coronavirus to strengthen the well-being of their workforce and that they plan to continue offering.

With a hybrid work scheme, benefits programs are reinvented, increasingly focused on the wellbeing of the employee and his environment, to reconcile work commitment and family life in the pursuit of work-life balance.

“The passes in gyms, for example, were transformed into virtual classes of training, yoga, streaching and meditation. Physical activity became necessary to disconnect and move the body. Even today, the gyms are enabled again, many companies sustain these benefits“, Explain Mariana Amores, Human Resources Manager at Grant Thornton Argentina.

More than 60% prioritize the ’emotional salary’

For Federico Carrera, Managing Partner by High Flow-Grupo DNA, Ideally, companies offer a wide range of non-financial compensation for the employee to choose the most convenient for him. “Instead of standardized plans, it is recommended that they be customized. Just as there are those who are concerned with improving the value proposition for customers, many companies seek to offer each employee an experience according to their needs “, it states.

“64% of our clients focused more on the physical and emotional health of their employees from the Covid-19 outbreak. It is important right now, for both large and small organizations, find the right balance between economy and empathy. 38% implemented who can take a day off, 36% give them flexibility to carry out activities related to healthy living and 26% added free training of all kinds “, describes Brian Klahr,

The company I was born in 2010, by the hand of Klahr and his partner Agustn Perelman as a company that sells coupons to the final consumer. Due to the extinction that the business experienced in the face of apps from delivery and the changes in habits caused by the health emergency, became a regional benchmark firm for corporate benefits, with 400 clients, among them, Techint, Samsung, IBM, DirecTV and Axion Energy.

Benefits are focused on the well-being of the employee

The platform adapted its proposal so that companies can offer remote benefits to their collaborators, with purchase on-line and exclusive content. More than 2000 options are available in supermarkets, gastronomy, gyms, education, tourism and entertainment, with 4000 affiliated businesses, They include big brands such as DIA, McDonald’s, Freddo, Coca-Cola and Digital House.

The balance between work and leisure time becomes essential. That is why companies pay more and more attention to what the employee demands. Definitely, an employee who works happily is more productive and contributes to meeting the organization’s objectives“, he comments Vanesa Boulet, Talent manager by Eventbrite.

In this regard, he remarks that 100% of those surveyed believe that the benefits associated with Well-being have a positive impact on your productivity. “In times of crisis, the emotional salary can be relegated. But it is essential that employees feel taken into account. Many times, these actions define whether a person accepts a job proposal or remains in a certain position or company. through time, “he highlights.

companies that added benefits

We always seek to create work environments where we are valued to achieve our best version. The objective is to accompany all the people in the company so that they can develop, learn and enjoy what they do. We build a differential value proposition aimed at well-being “, Be the Rica Zamora, vice president of Gente de Quilmes for Argentina and Uruguay.

Among the policies he adopted, The company offers an agreement with OSDE that allows the entire family group to be added without paying a difference -a highly valued aspect at this juncture-, an employee helpdesk and an agreement with Gympass and apps with meditation guides and mindfulness. In addition, incorporated the ‘Quilmes Week’ -An extra week of vacation-, Flexible time of entry and exit, and gives free for own birthday and that of your children.

At the family level, make gifts such as kits schoolchildren and gifts for New Years, births, weddings, birthdays and end of the year. It also offers the possibility of accessing discounted products every month, through a portal Web with offers in different areas and discounts on Quilmes electronic sales platforms.

Valued employees feel more productive

For its part, in 2021, Natura added lunches through food. Before the coronavirus, the collaborators had subsidized the dining room in the offices. With the pademic, A digital platform was incorporated where employees can choose, month by month, their lunches and receive them at home.

Regarding the work scheme, flexibility in face-to-face or remote mode will be maintained because it is highly valued. A change was proposed that allowed us to broaden our view of physical work and the possibilities and opportunities that distance work offers us, “he mentions Vernica Marcelo, general manager of Natura.

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