Employees Isolated By Corona, the share of Apple iPad for Free : Okezone techno


BEIJING – A number of Apple employees in the region Hubei in Wenzhou, China was forced to stay at home because a ban on the activities of the local authority. This rule is intended to prevent the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).

Apple knows that the conditions that beset the employees of such. Then, companies from the United States to offer a package of support for the employee as well as the family who gets trapped in his residence. Photo help package and a letter in it to circulate through social media in China, Weibo.

The package includes a mask, wet towels with disinfectant, liquid hand sanitizer, snacks, coffee, tea, and an iPad 10.2 inch latest. the new iPad was called the Apple can stick a medium of learning for children to spend time while in the house.

“We understand you and your family the exercise more difficult conditions, so there is a desire to provide the best support. In addition to this package, there is an advice, support and guidance to confront the situation, in these days,” said Apple in a letter accompanied the package.

Half of the network of sales of Apple in China is still to serve the customer with the operating hours of the special. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, feels the need to improve the situation in China. The acceptance was shown, the start-up of the plant equipment and components by companies that.