Empowerment and bling bling: Doja Cat, our MTV PUSH of the month. | News


Perhaps you know for “Go to Town”, the hit that launched her to fame in 2018. Or you got tired of singing their songs without knowing his name. Or able the you started to love when to open Tik Tok, your issues appeared time and time again by how good and catchy they are. And they are all valid! If there is anything that we know of Doja, is that once you know there is no turning back. That is why it is that Doja Cat is our artist PUSH of the month

Born with the name Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat not only sings, but also composes, produces and raps. I for 18 years the media is already classified as a “prodigy psychedelic”! Since 2013 upload issues caused by it to SoundCloud, where many artists such as Grimes, Elliphant, Hellboyand Skoolie Escobaramong others, they were able to get to know her and they sent all the support that it deserved. And with many of them also worked for if you want to check them!

Their last few singles most popular, such as “Say So”, “Juicy” and “Boss B*tch” -this last being the banger of the soundtrack of Birds of Pray – and his latest album, titled “Hot Pink!” reaffirmed with accuracy the crown this queen brings in his head since its inception. And with the attitude that characterized, we know that there are many amazing things. And we can’t wait to see all that the future holds for this great artist!

Thank you for all of this and more is that Doja Cat is our artist MTV PUSH of the month!