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With a lot of influence from Colombian culture, Disney has just launched Charm this being the animated film number 60 in the history of the company. The story was directed by Jared Bush, Bryon Howard and Charise Castro Smith, who have been working on this project since 2016. And now, just three days after its release, the film is already considered the premiere of the year for all that it generated. at the box office in such a short time.

What is it about Charm? Well, the official synopsis says: “The Madrigal family lives hidden in the Andes near the Cocora Valley in a town called Encanto and whose members are blessed with a magical power such as great strength or the power to heal, that the same place they inhabit offers them. However, Mirabel Madrigal, a fifteen-year-old girl, is the only one without powers in her family. When Encanto’s magic is in danger, Maribel decides to undertake a long journey through Colombia in order to find her power and save her family.”.

Without a doubt, with Charm, Disney returned to thrill viewers as in the old days. The cuteness of the classic Walt Disney Animation films were always a plus for their success and the recently released could not be the exception. For this reason, many fans who have already seen it in the cinema, as well as those who have not yet had the possibility, wonder if the feature film will be available in streaming.

And the reality is yes. The film will be published on Disney Plus, but there are still a few days to go. Two months ago the company announced that all the productions corresponding to its company will also be released on the on demand service. From the day of their publication in theaters, fans must wait 45 days to see them on the platform at no additional cost.

However, with Charm they will make an unmatched exception. Is that, as planned, it will arrive just 30 days after the day of its release in theaters. That is to say, the film so acclaimed by the public will be published in the catalog on December 25, just on Christmas day. Of course, Disney Plus still did not add it to its premieres next month, but it should not be long in coming.

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