Encanto, with a luxury cast, is days away from being released

The next Disney movie, inspired by Colombia, released a second trailer. In addition, the studio previewed some details related to the cast and much more.

Colombia, dear land ”will be the phrase that comes out of the heart of more than one in the next few days, when it is released Charm, the great bet of Disney. Among all the countries of the world, the studio chose to be inspired by this for its production, placing the Madrigal family as the great protagonist.

Maluma and the rest of the cast of Encanto are already getting ready for the premiere

From what is known of the plot, it will be shown to Mirabel, the only relative without a special gift or ability. In addition, in advances more recently the figure of a villain was shown, Bruno. For some reason, there is something about this relative that everyone prefers to forget about his existence and never talk about him.

Thus, in addition to the plot, the film will be greatly enriched by its musical quota. The latter, for obvious reasons, will be offered by great stars of Colombian music. Carlos Vives, Juan Carlos Coronell and Sebastian Yatra they put their voices to adorn the visual sequence with unique themes. Colombia, my charm, and Two Little Caterpillars will be the main pieces of the soundtrack.

For its part, Olga Lucia Vives, who will give his voice to Mirabel, is the vocalist of the musical group Ventino, so it is expected that he will excel with his singing talent as well. The cast will be completed by a high representation of local talent. Artists like Maria Cecilia Botero, Mauro Castillo, Angie cepeda and Carolina Gaitan they are part of the project.

However, all the previous names were already confirmed, but two other stars gave the surprise. Maluma, for example, will play Mariano, a friend of the family. In turn, one of the most famous comedians in the nation, Alejandro Riaño, will come to give life to Bruno, the enigmatic antagonist.

Maluma and the rest of the cast of Encanto are already getting ready for the premiere
Mirabel and Bruno

The delivery, which will have the address and music of Lil-Manuel MirandaIt will hit theaters on November 24, 2021.

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