“Enchanted by Your City” (La Nuova Ferrara)

ferrara The gates open at 8pm and there is a race to grab the barrier and the front row, thus beginning the sixth evening of the Ferrara Summer Festival with The Lumineers as the protagonists. The American indie rock band hit 5,000 admissions on Liston last night. Long queues of fans on Corso Martiri della Libertà, to the intersection of Corso Giovacca in front of the Pestelli and Bartolucci record store.

“We were mesmerized by this city and its palace.” The words of Jeremiah Frites (drums, percussion, piano, vocals) were received shortly before the concert by Mayor Alan Fabbri, to whom the entire American group of The Lumineers gave their vinyl “Brightside” signed by all band members. , The mayor reciprocated by donating a Ferrara Summer Festival shirt. Organizer Fabio Marzola from the Butterfly Association was also in attendance.


The fans also included a group of 4 people from Modena, who arrived in the city to attend the second Italian date of The Lumineers’ summer tour. Federico, Francesca, Federica and Alessandro have been queuing since 7.30 p.m. “We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more of the best-known songs like Ophelia, as well as songs from real fans like Stubborn Love and Flowers in Your Hair.” Also present for the concert were the intrepid Stefano and Luca, two young men who arrived in the city last night after leaving Como. We have been following the band for many years. We can’t wait to hear our favorite song, Gloria.”


While Square awaits the band’s arrival, Greek singer-songwriter, but transplanted to Texas, Abraham Alexander opens the show on stage, performing songs from the newly released album “C/Sons”. At 21.47 the square is intermittently lit with blue lights, clouds appear on the big screen and Rihanna’s Desperado and The Lumineers take the stage to enthrall the audience with the lineup’s first song Brightside, a remix of Desperado. The hands clap and the band continues the show with one of the most successful singles, Cleopatra. Jeremiah Frites screams in an American accent before attacking with the third song, the lead single from the band Ho Hey, which has more than a billion streams and propelled them to global success.

But the Ferrara Summer Festival doesn’t end there, it’s just three evenings and then we start again. The venue will be Salmo on Wednesday evenings, Coma_kos, Nu Genia and Geneva on Thursdays, Classics with Biagio Antonucci on Fridays and Teenage Dream on Saturdays. Ale

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