Endless Colorful Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake

He left this world prematurely in November 1974 at the age of 26. nick drake They only recorded three studio albums:five years left“, released in 1969,”brighter letter“More of the 1970s”pink moon“of 1972. 31 songs in total, which grows to 66 when posthumously published demos and outtakes are considered. At the time, no one imagined that his personality as a performer and his relatively small output would lead to an increase in songwriters. would have such an extraordinary influence on subsequent generations, such as, for example, Bob Dylan. One of many examples: Robert Smith of the Cure claimed that the name of the band he founded came from a line time has told medebut album opener by hole,A Turbulent Cure for a Turbulent Mind”.

Fly He is still today, more than fifty years after his debut, a composer of extraordinary relevance, both for the inimitable perfection of his compositions, but also for the themes of his songs: existential discomfort, loneliness, incommunicado. Themes, these, which have a universal effect, which dig up the anxieties of the human heart, which like the roots of a giant tree sink into the soil of life – deep, dark, dry and muddy at the same time – then arise There are delicate shoots and delicate prostheses towards infinity, like the aspirations of each individual, which the slender poet of Tanworth-in-Arden was able to render so well.

His outstanding legacy is now collected in an ambitious tribute album,”endless colorful ways”, released last July 7 and includes 25 songs from his repertoire. This project was strongly supported jeremy lascales by chrysalis records and by cali caloman, manager of the Nick Drake estate, who tasked musicians of different generations and backgrounds to “recreate” the track in a personal way, without taking into account the original recording. The result is an authentic musical kaleidoscope, spanning a range of styles and genres, that outlines an unprecedented portrait of the British songwriter with sonic brushstrokes at times light or energetic, colorful or monochromatic, acoustic or electronic.

Two of the songs present predate their debut on LP Fly, no reply time And
they are leaving me Backread again, respectively, by joe henry , mechel ndegeocelo and from Catherine
PriddyWhile the record that various artists drew most inspiration from was “pink moon– an almost cryptic album, composed of folk chants backed only by voice and guitar arpeggios – along with 8 of the 11 tracks that make it up.

compilation opener voices, a cappella piece from voice from a mountain From wandering heart, a trio of folk-Americana inspiration, with only two full-lengths to date. The London band therefore have the honor and burden of beginning dances with a piece that undoubtedly accords with their stylistic code, but also of concluding them in a perfect circular pattern. voices Returns the complete form, to close the collection. The following is one of the highlights of the collection, cello songIn a stunning edition both urban and rural, the Dublin quintet Fontaines DCWhich amplifies and brings to light the nervous undercurrent behind many of the lyricist’s songs.

Wanting to find a common thread in the wide and varied collection, it can be seen in how many artists have chosen to cover Drake’s crystalline compositions with electronic sounds, almost as if they’re replacing them on so many releases from beyond the grave. Those who want to reveal the anguished soul of their author. John ParishA name that needs no introduction, thus he rises to the occasion with young singer-songwriter from New Zealand aldous harding and gives us a dreamlike, almost hypnotic reinterpretation Three hours. Another example in this sense is the witch house version. parasite From stick in the wheel, whose descending strings seem to reflect the emotional free fall of its creator and which here becomes a kind of message from beyond. it is also noteworthy the day is over Nocturnal and spooky electronic anthem in the hands of John GrantWith synth solos that bring us to snowy and desolate shores:”When the day comes to an end / The sun sets on the earth / Along with all that was lost and won, on the same wavelength pink moon Of Aurora: It really seems like contemplating the sky and seeing the rise of a bright satellite (The pink moon is about to come / And none of you can stand that high / The pink moon will hold you all) half the time between a bad omen and the arrival of spring.

Instead, other interpreters have given life to pieces that, in essence, do not differ from the originals, not least in the intention that pervades them and in the feelings that they evoke when heard: they are mainly acoustic. Arrangements are based on the timing or essentials of the instruments, which they do to enhance the intimate atmosphere and introspection of the song. it’s very thought provoking Hazy Jane II Revised by French singer and actress camille, With the soft carpet of cello and light percussion on which the story of solitude delicately rests (And all the friends you ever knew are left behind / They’ve kept you safe and secure among the books and all the records of your lifetime) who seeks his salvation in the rediscovery of his own personality (…take a moment to find your way here / …take a moment to explain your story, Another songstress from the Southern Hemisphere, Nadia Reed From Dunedin, New Zealand is grappling Poor Boy, A tale of inner withdrawal and isolation, but her persuasive assertiveness, veiled in an almost psychedelic cover, perhaps makes it less dramatic. is obviously another flagship song time has told mein which ben harper leans into the blues of the original by hole and gives us a “Dillaniata” version that reinforces the mix of faith and fatalism inherent in an attempt at self-inquiry that includes the verses:I will let go of the ways that are forcing me to be who I really don’t want to be,

The title of the collection is taken from since morningclosing track ofpink moon“, And Jenny Hollingworth Did let’s Eat GrandmotherThe duo, originally from Norwich, give the song a character of optimism and hope in an arrangement in which the voices are propelled by a synthetic groove, which takes on an almost inspirational character. connection with nature, recurring in the verses of holeHere the terror becomes the fusion: “And now we rise / And we are everywhere / And now we rise from the ground, one of the first songs Flyalready mentioned i think they’re leaving me behind He was then chosen by singer-songwriters from the Midlands katherine priddyWith a combination of stars that rise skyward and that give great depth to a little-known piece that deserves to be rediscovered.

saturday sun rather becomes, in the arrangement of Mike Lindsay, handed over a fascinating explanation of Guy Garvey A jazz standard with a sleepy atmosphere permeated by the midday heat. Temptation is also interesting one of the firstOf Emily Sandeplayed on the basis of percussion and organ which refers to Amy Winehouse, For david grayOne of the best-known exponents of the British songwriting scene, “The Songs ofpink moon” I am “is woven with a strange and delicate spell that mesmerizes the ear and leaves the heart utterly numb.” And so, from this album they chose what they really liked place to besomething that bears a resemblance to the beatles Tomorrow And Help In the desire to compare the past and the present, the self-confidence of a naive teenager and the clear awareness of a twenty-something, combined with the need to depend on someone: “When I was young, younger than ever / I never saw the truth hanging on the door / And now I’m grown up, see it face to face… Now I’m weaker than light blue / Oh I have become so weak in this need of you”.

,endless colorful ways” is a recording operation that will definitely allow you to work nick drake For those who, perhaps for generational reasons, have never encountered it. Between episodes of undoubted value and less incisive reinterpretations, the anthology invites you to rediscover the priceless gems in the coffer that is the songwriter’s songbook and his dazzling charms. But it is also an opportunity for seasoned artists, as well as musicians who have recently entered the scene, to measure themselves with these immortal masterpieces, allowing them to add personal touches or, other cases, prompting them to consider unattainable consequences.

Whatever the listener’s assessment, one thing is certain: repeat listens will be inevitable.”five years left,brighter letter,pink moonand other scattered songs Fly And meditate on his verses that describe the mystery of life, the incomprehensibility of feelings, the immeasurable depth of the human soul and the true mirror that nature holds before us with its “infinite colorful streets”.

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