Endor 2, Diego Luna is already sad about his departure from the Star Wars series: “He will be sad”

During a new interview given to The Associated Press, after praising Stellan Skarsgård diego luna talked about the darker side of filming Season 2 internal management andWhich mainly deals with the fact of saying goodbye to the protagonist he has played in recent years, given that we will hardly see him in this role again.

Luna, actor and executive producer internal management and, has never been short of praise for working with showrunner Tony Gilroy and the rest of the team. And as he explained to the AP, he never wishes he had to say goodbye to all of them:

,I am very excited to shoot All the time I feel that we are nearing the end and therefore, this process is experienced with a certain sadness., In all of this it is always inevitable to say how sad it is to leave this team, to leave this dynamic, to leave this time that was here,

Filming on Endor is currently halted due to the WGA writers’ strike.

Diego Luna is one of the Latino actors most likely to receive an Emmy nomination this year. The list also includes Star Wars collaborator Pedro Pascal. last of usfor selena gomez only murders in the building and for jenna ortega Wednesday,

It’s been a long time since a Latino actor has been nominated for Best Actor at the Emmys, In fact, the only actor competing in the category is another Star Wars veteran (who could potentially make Endor season 2 as well) Jimmy Smits, who won for L.A. Law in 1990 and earned five consecutive NYPD nominations. Blue, the last one in 1999.

Luna talked about some of the nominations for Latino actors in the lead actor category and how we may be on the verge of a big change due to the general shift towards more diverse stories in the industry:

,It saddens me that the last nomination for a Latino actor in this category was so many years ago, knowing the amount of interesting stories that have been told, the amount of memorable work that actors have done, is truly absurd. But it’s also exciting to know that I’m not alone and it makes me think that good things are coming for people who look like me, who come from where I am.,

go back to the second season of internal management andMoon explained All the characters’ stories will reach their conclusion then stick to it Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,

,It is this balance that makes this series effective. I think if there is anything that makes this series stand out, it is the depth in which it portrays its characters. This being the last season, it will have to follow the path of all the characters that were met in the first season, well, many of them are not in Rogue One and bring the stories to their conclusion.,

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