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Enemy: first shots and cast

“The Enemy” – the director’s new thriller Garth Davis with an exceptional cast that includes Saorsi Ronan AND Paul Mescal. The feature film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Ian Reed, installed soon. Last few days, Vanity Fair released the first official images. Foe will be available in the United States starting October 6, 2023. After the extraordinary success of his previous work, Leo – Road homewhich earned Davis both Academy Award nominations. Nicole Kidman which Dev Patelthe director decided to return with a new work.

The two actors that were chosen as the main characters are the promises of a new generation. On the one hand, Saorsi Ronan is known for her role Joe Marchin version Small womandirector Greta Gerwig. On the other hand, Paul Mescal, who has just nominated his first Oscar 2023 nomination, as the main character of the film after the sun. He is also currently working on other major projects including the sequel de Gladiator and modern adaptation Carmen.


Plot and other information

Fo’s story revolves around newlyweds, Khan AND Juniorresponsible for managing a farm located on land that is now uninhabitable. The historical moment in which the events are narrated is 40 years in the future. The life of the spouses turns upside down with the appearance of a stranger, ready to make an unusual proposal. The younger one was chosen for a space mission that will make it easier to move people from Earth to the orbital station. The film was produced Amazon Studios and at the moment it does not have a release date in Italy. Most likely, it will be uploaded directly to the platform, but there may be some changes related to distribution.


Davies also explained his reasons for adapting The Enemy:What I find really powerful about the novel and then the movie is that it asks us to stay awake and alive. Many of the problems that we face in relationships and in relationships with the environment are caused by the fact that we are “asleep”. Instead, this movie invites us to wake up and take control of our lives without risking losing it just because we take it for granted.“.


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