Eng. Armenta passes away due to the impact of COVID-19

*He is the president of the Agribusiness Organization.

At the beginning of the year, Eng. Rafael Armenta Magaña, a victim of the consequences of Covid-19, ceased to exist last weekend, resulting in the Baja California Agricultural Insurance Fund National Consolidation and Sono Some people in Lazhou lost their heads. Luis Rio Colorado-.

Three years ago, a local farmer from Montezuma, La Colonia, who moved his residence to Poblado del Ejido Hermosillo for work reasons, underwent a kidney transplant with excellent results.

He carries out agricultural activities in the above-mentioned Ejido in the normal manner and performs his duties in the consolidated organization that integrates all the funds of the Mexicali and San Luis Valleys.

But that was at the beginning of the year, February to be exact, and he was hospitalized for several months with said virus.

After recovering, he briefly resumed his daily activities as he was again forced to go to a hospital in the capital “Kachanila”.

Immediate medical attention brought her reactions to the point where she was able to breathe without assistance.

It was a remarkably short time as his health was complicated by pneumonia, which claimed his life as medical staff cleared a severe infection in one of his lungs.

With regard to the positions vacant in the consolidated organization, Ángel Zavala Aguilera, in his capacity as Treasurer, announced that the National Insurance Fund Council will in due course issue a call for the election of a new board of directors.

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