Engineering Image-Based Rumors Show Cool Galaxy Fold…



SEOUL – What you see is a rendering or drawing-computer-based rumors that the Samsung Galaxy fold 2. But there is no new information on the phone screen fits.

Engineering Image-Based Rumors Show Cool Galaxy-Fold 2

Page GSM Arena put, rendering is technology a visual overview of the device can be proud of the giants from South Korea, the.

The pictures show the design which familiar, but it is an increase with the secondary screen is a large, notched. It is also a camera module, which is borrowed from the generation Galaxy S20, and the design of the camera punch-hole replace the pieces of the screen on the Galaxy folds in this time.

Engineering Image-Based Rumors Show Cool Galaxy-Fold 2

More importantly, the rendering shows a folding design with a gap that barely exists, if the handset closed. This relates to technology, which is achieved, on the hinges of the new Galaxy Z Flip.

For the record, Samsung removed two already mobile Screen up to this point. First of all, the Galaxy fold, which was delayed for many months following the launch by the problem of wrinkle on the screen.

Foldable Mobile Phone the second is shells, the Galaxy Z-Flip design. Special second to stick to a serious competitor for the Moto Razr 2019.