“Enjoy this picture of me crying”: The poignant message of Lili Reinhart (‘Riverdale’) about his mental health and how far you’ve come


With only 22 years Lili Reinhart it has become one of the actresses most relevant to the landscape of Hollywood after his role in ‘Riverdale‘but the actress has not had anything easy.

Reinhart already has had, on occasion, their problems with the depression and anxiety, and now that it has been released his first big movie in the Festival of Cinema of Toronto has opened up with all their followers, in several emotional messages.

Lili began her reflection in the stories of Instagram, speaking out of experience.

“This night has sidor overwhelming in the best way I could never have imagined. If you had told me 16 years ago, that was terribly depressed and near suicide, with 22 years was going to be in a movie starring women, which premiered at the Film Festival of Toronto, I never would have believed it. I’ll never forget the feeling tonight. Know that I am doing exactly what it was meant to do in this precious life. I feel very privileged to be a part of ‘Hustlers’. And blessed to be living this life.”

Below, Reinhart shared a natural image crying no dress, makeup or hairstyle with this message:

Enjoy this picture of me sitting on the floor, crying pure happiness and joy“.

Later, he summed up his excitement in a post yes you can follow looking on Instagram.

“I can only wait to be sufficiently fortunate of having many more nights like this. It has been an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life, it still seems unreal”.

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