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Naomi RiccitelliProduction Pictures of Walt Disney not at its maximum potential in recent years: live action taken from historical animated films, new animations without much poignancy, if not with a few exceptions.
However, that little boy everyone carries inside, that childhood memory thread and the sign that the Disney “classic” is gone, encourages viewers to always give new releases a chance, hoping for the magic that has always been a promise. and a Mickey Mouse house stamp.
Thus, from August 23 to movie ghost house, movie Justin Simieninspired by one of the main attractions of the Disney parks, the so-called Haunted Mansion, houses inhabited by spirits and haunted.

However, a similar operation has already been done in 2021 with film. Jungle Cruisesimilarly taken from another attraction of the aforementioned theme parks; moreover, the same House with the ghosts there is a precedent of the same name – a 2003 film with Eddie Murphy.
It would seem that ten years ago the original script of the film was entrusted to the director. Guillermo Del Toroknown for his inspiration and interest in gothic, which could have spruced up a similar subject in his own way, but his work was discarded to make way for a simpler and more familiar story.

Fine (leykit Stanfield), a young astrophysicist with a brilliant career, unable to cope with the death of his wife, he quits his profession and decides to conduct a special tourist tour dedicated to ghosts in the city of New Orleans, for which his life partner was responsible.
Gloomy, shy, humble, he lives his life without paying attention to others or himself, until one day the self-styled priest Father Kent appears (Owen Wilson), asks him to inspect an ancient residence that is said to be inhabited by evil spirits.
Actually the new owner Gabby (Rosario Dawson) and his son Travis (Chase W. Dillon) who have recently moved there are harassed by occult forces that undermine their stay in the home. The seer Harriet also joins Ben and Father Kent (Tiffany Hadish) and Professor Bruce Davis (Danny DeVito) to search together for the solution of the only apparent riddle.

Ghost stories have always had a special appeal.: a craving for the unknown, a thrill of mystery, in short, the so-called supernatural has always fueled the collective imagination with exciting and unique stories, including novels and films.
ghost housein this sense turns out to be somewhat erroneous from the point of view of the script (Katie Dippold) with a flat narrative that doesn’t care about and doesn’t make the most of the subject’s potential (ghosts and mysterious creatures) that, however ordinary, always lends itself to new inclinations.

Just think of the character of Wednesday Addams, who has re-adapted many times over the years and who just last TV season resumed extraordinary success with the Netflix series of the same name (here’s a review). Clarus).
Profiles of the main characters, despite the fact that the cast of the film is notable for the presence of the Oscar winner. Jamie Lee Curtis and stars like Jared Letobesides cameos Winona Riderdon’t shine and it also demeans the very personalities of the actors who, despite their gripping nature, are incapable of lifting an unoriginal plot.

It’s a pity, finally, the release date of the film, in How many ghost house it would be a pleasure to share this vision during the Halloween program bringing family rooms to life.
On the whole, the film is enjoyable, mostly aimed at children, unforgettable, and certainly a missed opportunity to create a more compelling story.

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