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Habane Serigne the Lame, commonly known as Xabi Lame, king of tiktok with 161,900,000 subscribers.

Xabi Lame King of TikTok in 2023

The eyebrows arched in a sign of sad endurance, the mouth deformed into a not very convinced smile, the resigned look of a man dealing with inept people: Khabi the Lame managed to create a modern mask of comedy, the characteristic feature of which is the mask of take away the strange life advice(trick) phantom experts who set out to improve the lives of others with tricks that actually turn out to be epic failures. The final move (long arms extended forward, indicating the simplest solution to everyday dilemmas) is his signature move. In social jargon, he is called reaction video.

Khabi Lame, 23 years old.: was born in DakarV SenegalMarch 9, 2000. The Lame family moved to Kivasso, in the province of Turin, when Xabi was one year old. The story of his success is well known: during pandemic Former Habane employee Serigne Lamé, fresh from his layoff, began posting funny reaction videos on TikTok to overcome boredom and fill his days. The success was immediate, and from then on Lame began to rise in the rankings of the Chinese social network, displacing character after character.

Xabi Lame became an Italian citizen in August 2022, taking the oath before the inspector of civil affairs of the municipality of Chivasso. His comment: “Even before today I felt like an Italian, like everyone else who has always lived here.”

5 Most Famous TikTokers in the World

Today, Lamé is being closely followed by another TikTok champion: 19-year-old Italian-born American dancer and TikToker Charli D’Amelio, who was overtaken in June 2022.

Below are the top 5 most popular TikTokers:

  • Xabi Lame: 161,900,000 subscribers
  • Charlie D’Amelio: 151,200,000 subscribers
  • Bella Poarch: 92,600,000 subscribers
  • Addison Rae: 88,400,000 subscribers
  • MisterBeast: 86,100,000 subscribers

How much does Habi Lame earn?

Habi Lame’s assets are difficult to assess. Different sources give different data: from 1.5 million euros to even 10 million. Considering the number of views it is able to generate, its collaborations with important brands such as Hugo Boss and its activities in various media (among others). Italy has talentvocal cameo in Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverdocumentary Ya Ya Habane presented at the Taormina Film Festival), it is certain that Xabi Lame’s assets amount to millions.

Xabi Lame on various social networks

Not only TikTok: Xabi Lame is also present on other important social networks. On Instagram, he achieved another global success, and on other social networks, he simply planted a flag, failing to break the bank. Here are his numbers (data updated to August 2023):

  • Xabi is limping TIK Tak: 161,900,000 subscribers
  • Xabi is limping Instagram: 80,100,000 subscribers
  • Xabi is limping Facebook: 2,600,000 subscribers
  • Xabi is limping YouTube: 2,070,000 subscribers
  • Xabi is limping Twitter: 382,000 subscribers

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