Enlist recruitment of doctors and nurses to attend Covid-19


CDMX.- The federal Government provides that for the 18 of April will be hired between 90 and 100% of the 6 thousand 600 doctors and 12 thousand 300 nurses that are needed to address the pandemic by Covid-19, reported Alejandro Svarch Perez, holder of the Coordination National Health Institute of Health Welfare (Insabi).

Tomorrow we begin the record of requests and the period of selection of the personnel, for the April 6 start of the hire, 7 and 9 April it would hire between 20 and 25% of our deficit to serve Covid-19.

For the 10 and 13 of April we should have 40 and 50% of our human resource, between 14 and 17 April, 70% to 75% to finally 18 as of April 20 hiring of 90% to 100% of our resources to address the pandemic,” he said.

He explained that the call for “Mexico vs Covid-19″ aims to recruit general practitioners or specialists in areas that are not critical and will rearrange the spaces of health, through a model of care in a cascade.

That is to say, a medical intensivist, or specialized in intensive therapy, will become head of a group of five general practitioners or specialists in other areas, but who have been trained to Covid-19; this group will serve 25 patients and critical to the same schema replicate to nursing,” he said.

In turn, ZoĆ© Robledo, director of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS)he said that the recruitment to meet the Covid-19 it is an effort of all the institutions of health, in addition to that is a so-called “patriotic solidarity”.

He added that this contract will be for a period of six months, and health professionals will be provided with competitive wages, social security, training, sector, in addition to an additional incentive for general practitioners which will be presented by examination of medical residences in September, since it will give them a higher score in this test.

These incentives must be that those 6 months will be devoted to the epidemic and may not have enough time to study for what they say is the most difficult exam in our country. Salaries, on average, a specialist doctor earn 34 thousand 755 pesos, a general practitioner around 26 thousand 600 pesos,” he said.

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